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Wailcome te Lowlands-L!This page is in Appalachian.

Wailcome te Lowlands-L!

Lowlands-L is an automated warlwaad electronic mail list fer them at’s innersted in th langages and fowk-ways of the lowlins baa the coast o th North Sea an o th Baltic Sea (hyerinatter “Lowlins”). Lowlands-L uses Listserv at LINGUIST. Hits owner is Reinhard (Ron) Hahn.

Ey’s no charge fer suscraabin.

Th main pynt o Lowlands-L is th Germanic langages and ther fowk-ways at come inte bein an bode in the Lowlins (Dutch, Zeelandic, Frisian, Low Saxon [Low German], Limburgish) ais well ais em at descended fum ese tungs or fum ther forebears an is used otherwhars (Afrikaans, Lowlins emigré varieties, pidgins and creoles drawed fum Lowlins langages, and also English and Scots). Other tungs and th fowk-ways o them at tawks em maught be discussed in this settin.

The chief ens o Lowlands-L

  • te brang abaot warlwaad tawk and clabberation among em at is innersted in Lowlins tungs, fowk-ways an sech;

  • te ease an encourage th larnin an teachin of Lowlins langages and fowk-ways;

  • te encourage th use o th knowledge o Lowlins tungs an fowk-ways in genral research and publications;

  • te holp em at’d perteck, revaav an brang agin te fore endangered Lowlins tungs or dialecks;

  • te pay heed te minority Lowlins tungs and fowks, includin em at is bein denaad official reckonition;

  • te sarve ais a meetin o maans fer exploring common an differin features of Lowlins tungs and fowk-ways;

  • te make ways fer a baady te enjoy and further common understandin among Lowlins tungs in multilingual exchanges;

  • te firm th taas o tung an fowk an fellership amongst th speakers o Lowlins tungs, ther descendants and ther frins;


  • All yer dealins mus be in a mannerly and frinly tone;

  • An ye have aught te say praavit, mail it praavitlaak an don’t use th list fer it;

  • An ye know of books er magazines, software, confernces, programs or jobs o work at has aught te do wi th subjeck ye kin say so, but no commercial advertaasin is allaod;

  • An ye use th list fer research ye ort te post th aotcome in summary an thank yer sources on th list;

  • They is free choice o tung in Lowlands-L postins, but th follerin language varieties is perferred: Afrikaans, Dutch, Zeelandic, Frisian (any variety), Low Saxon, Limburgish, Inglish and Scotch;

  • Rules and Guidelines (in English)

  • Disclaimer (in English)

Translator: Richard L. Turner

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