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Who may use the archive?
Anyone may visit and use the Lowlands List archive, which is hosted by the LINGUIST List. However, only registered Lowlands-L members are able to see the e-mail addresses of contributors.

May one use any of the archived information in one’s own work?
You may quote any portions from our archive if you do so accurately and at no time say or imply that it is your work. You must acknowledge the Lowlands-L members that wrote the information and you must acknowledge Lowlands-L and its archive as your source.

How does one search the archive?

  • Click here: ARCHIVE

  • Click on “Search the archives”.

  • Click on the box next to “Substring search” to make a check (tick) mark appear. (This will cause the search engine to search texts of messages rather than only subject lines.)

  • Enter your search terms. (If you are looking for a phrase, write it in quotation marks [" "] to keep the string of words together.)

  • Click on the button entitled “Start the search”.

  • If the search terms do appear anywhere within the archive, one or more issue titles with dates will appear. Click on any of them to read it.


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