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Welcome to Lowlands-L!

Welcome to Lowlands-L!

Lowlands-L is an automated worldwide electronic mail list for those who are interested in the languages and cultures of the lowlands adjacent to the coast of the North Sea and of Baltic Sea (hereafter “Lowlands”). Lowlands-L uses Listserv at LINGUIST. Its owner is Reinhard (Ron) Hahn.

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The primary focus of Lowlands-L is on the Germanic languages and their cultural environments that developed and remain in the Lowlands (Dutch, Flemish, Zeelandic, Frisian, Lowlands Saxon [Low German], Limburgish) as well as those that descended from these languages or from their predecessors and are used elsewhere (Afrikaans, Lowlands emigré varieties, Lowlands-based pidgins and creoles, and also English and Scots*). Other languages and their cultural environments may be discussed within this context.

While they are not considered actual Lowlands varieties, German, Luxembourgish, Yiddish, Scandinavian, Gothic and others may be and are frequently discussed, especially in etymological and historical contexts. Of particular interest are specifically northern, Low-Saxon-influenced varieties of German (such as Missingsch) and Low Saxon influences on Scandinavian and other languages.

* Please note that "Scots" does not mean the same as "Gaelic" (i.e., the Celtic language of the Scottish Highlands). Scots is the original Germanic language of the Scottish Lowlands and is closely related to but separate from English (including Scottish English).

The basic goals of Lowlands-L

  • to facilitate global communication and collaboration among those who are interested in Lowlands languages, cultures and related topics

  • to promote and facilitate research and teaching of Lowlands languages and cultures

  • to promote the use of Lowlands linguistic and cultural data in general research and publications

  • to support efforts to protect, revive and advance endangered Lowlands languages or language varieties

  • to pay attention to minority Lowlands languages and cultures, including those that are being denied official recognition

  • to serve as a forum for exploring common and diverse features of Lowlands languages and cultures

  • to provide opportunities to enjoy and enhance mutual intelligibility among Lowlands languages in multilingual exchanges

  • to strengthen linguistic, cultural and social ties among users of Lowlands languages, their descendants and their friends

Listserv instructions should be consulted in cases of problems. The owners should be contacted only if all other measures fail. Specific questions sent to Listserv will be ignored.


  • All exchanges must be in a courteous and friendly tone

  • Personal communication should be conducted privately

  • Participants may announce availability of pertinent publications, software, conferences, programs or employment, but no commercial advertising is permitted

  • Results of searches conducted through Lowlands-L should be posted in summary form with acknowledgement of all contributions

  • There is free choice of language in Lowlands-L postings, but the following language varieties are preferred: Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish, Zeelandic, Limburgish, Frisian (any variety), Lowlands Saxon, English and Scots

  • Click here for rules and guidelines.

  • Disclaimer

(This page is in English. Authors: Reinhard F. Hahn and Henk Wolf)

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