Neddersassische / Nedderdüütsche Spraak un Kultuur in Noordamerika
Plautdietsche Sproak un Kultua en Nuadamerikau
Low Saxon / Low German Language and Culture in North America
La lengua y la cultura bajo saxona / bajo alemana en Norteamérica
La langue et la culture bas saxonne / bas allemande en Amérique du Nord

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American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society

P. O. Box 313
Davenport, IA 52805-0313
Jack Schinkel (President): 319.843.2967
William Storjohann (First Vice President): 319.381.3430
The American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society (ASHHS) was founded January 8, 1989, by a group of people interested in preserving and promoting the heritage of Sleswig-Holsteen (Schleswig-Holstein) in the United States of America. Towards that end, the ASHHS encourages cultural exchange, promotes family research and genealogical exchange (information free to members), encourages the study of the languages and dialects of Sleswig-Holsteen (Schleswig-Holstein), and holds conferences, seminars, lectures, and programs relating the above objectives.

Hier will de ASHHS op an:

  • dat kulturelle Uttuschen twischen U.S.A. un Schleswig-Holstein to fördern;

  • dat schleswig-holsteinische kulturelle Arvgood in U.S.A. to bewohrn;

  • genealogische- un Ahnenforschung ünnerstütten;

  • dat Bewohrn un Lehrn vun de schleswig-holsteinische Spraak. (To Tied sünd blots lütte Gruppen, de Platt lehrt eenmol dat Johr mit friewillige Lehrer un Lehrerinnen ut Schleswig-Holstein tohoop.)

The goals of the ASHHS:

  • promoting cultural exchanges between the U.S.A. and Schleswig-Holstein;

  • preserving the cultural heritage of descendants from Schleswig-Holstein immigrants in the U.S.A.;

  • supporting genealogical research;

  • preserving and teaching the language of Schleswig-Holstein. (Currently there are only small groups of people that study Low German once a year with volunteer instructors from Schleswig-Holstein.)

Wokeen dröff ASHHS-Liddmaat warrn?
Jeedeen, de Interesse an de Saken hett, de wi dor baben angeben hebbt. Börgerschaft is egol. ASHHS hett al Liddmaten in 'n por Länner.

Who may join?
Anyone who is interested in the above-mentioned goals. Citizenship is irrelevant. The ASHHS has members in several countries already.

Liddmaten, de in Düütschland levt un mit anner ASHHS-Liddmaten in Verbinn’ komen wöllt, ward beden ehrn Wunsch, Nomen, Anschrift un E-Mail an Hans Jürgen Hebold to mailen. (Oder een Breef schrieben). Jümmer Wunsch ward denn in dat tokomen Plattblatt bröcht. Jürgen’s Adress is: Hans Jürgen Hebold, Galgenberg 41, 25355 Barmstedt, Tel. 0 41 23 / 33 96; E-Mail:
Up Fragen över Liddmaatschopp antert Wolfgang Rempe, Rabenslücke 2, 24944 Flensborg/Flensburg.

Members in the U.S.A. and countries other than Germany are asked to direct correspondence to ASHHS, P. O. Box 313, Davenport, IA 52805-0313, U.S.A.
Questions and submissions to the newsletter are to be sent to Dat Plattblatt, P.O. Box 506, Walcott, IA 52773-0506, USA.
Rundbreef: Dat Plattblatt (op'n Naam klicken)

Newsletter: Dat Plattblatt (click on the title)

University of Kansas
Department of Germanic Languages

Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp

The purpose of our Club is to promote the Low German language and heritage of the area and to share this culture with others.

We are located in west central Missouri, 18 miles south of Sedalia. Cole Camp is a small community of 1,000 inhabitants. This area was settled in the 1840's by immigrants from northern Germany, primarily the area between Hamburg and Bremen.

In 1987 Cole Camp's Sesquicentennial Committee held monthly meetings and the older members of our community came forward to share their memories and Low German stories. This information was compiled into a three-hundred-sixty page history book called Hier Snackt Wi Plattdütsch,1 and published in our Sesquicentennial year 1989. We also have video tapes of our Plattdütscher Theoter (Low German Theater), for the last nine years. Our Theater is probably the greatest contribution that we have made in the effort to preserve the Low German variety that we speak in this part of Missouri, and many people have enjoyed our performances which are held the second weekend in October.2

With this renewed interest in our heritage, the first Low German Theater was produced and is now an annual event the second weekend of October. In January 1990 came the formation of our club, the "Plattdütscher Vereen von Cole Camp". In 1990 the Cole Camp Männerchor (Men's Choir) was formed, followed 1993 by a Damenchor (Ladies' Choir) and in 1998 a Kinderchor (Children's Choir). Since 1992 an annual Sängerfest (Song Festival) has been held the third Saturday in July.

Our association has a newsleter, published quarterly, but we are in the process of trying to find a new name for it. To join our club and receive the newsletter, simply send us your address and $5.

1 The book was published locally and does not have a ISBN number. The price is $35 and $5 for shipping. This book is hardbound, fully illustrated with numerous black-and-white photos and pencil sketches. Included is a brief history of our people in Germany and their journey to America. The majority of the book is concerned with their customs and lifestyle in this area, and especially their love of the Low German language. There are many anecdotes, rhymes etc. in Low German with English translations. Two chapters are devoted to the Civil War and its effect on the German community. The appendix includes a Low German glossary, old letters, and many other items of interest.

2 Price $25 plus $3 shipping. Video of "Christmas in Cole Camp" Price $25 plus $3 shipping. This video features our local Männerchor and Damenchor singing German Christmas carols in each of the local churches and Christmas stories in Platt by three members of our club. We also have cassette tapes of our Männerchor. One is all Christmas music and the other German folksongs - $8 plus $2 shipping. The association also distributes other Low German Theater video tapes. Currently, nine different videos are available, one from each year from 1989 to 1998 - $25 plus $3 postage each.

Institute for Plautdietsch Studies

The Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen of Brooklyn and Long Island

Edmund W. Heinsohn (Ehren President)
32 Oxford Street
New Hyde Park, NY 11040-1311

Phone: 516.248.8309

This organization was formed in 1883 and presently consists of 23 clubs. These clubs include sick & benevolent clubs (which pay sick & death benefits) which are named after the town or place where the founders came from (e.g. Sievern, Baederkase, Otterndorf, Bülkau, Cardenberg, Föhr & Amrum etc.), a Schützen Korp (Brooklyn Schützen Korp), a theater group which still put on short plays and stories in Plattduetsch, a historical society, dance groups and singing societies. Every year we run our Volksfest to celebrate our heritage and to help sustain our organization in its many charitable, cultural, and social activities. One of our organizations is our Plattduetsche Altenheim. It is a beautiful senior citizen residence open to the general public, providing a safe and wonderful place to live. This home was opened in 1921. We also donated the land on which The German Hospital of Brooklyn was built in 1894. This hospital has become Wyckoff Heights Hospital, a New York City Hospital serving a large portion of Brooklyn and Queens. Special large events of the organization tend to be scheduled at Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square.

Plattdüütsche Vereen - Seattle, Washington


A Resource Guide for Mennonite Low Saxon (Low German)

President: Jim Derksen
157 Walnut Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3G 1P3

Tel: 204-786-7937
E-Mail: azl55@mts.nett

Pommerscher Verein - Central Wisconsin

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Plautdietsch-Freunde e.V.
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 7
D-33813 Oerlinghausen
Tel./Fax: (0)5202-739205
Periodical: Plautdietsch Frind

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