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Basic Travel Vocabulary

Cleves Franconian (of Cuijk)
Kuuks Kleverlands

By Chris Kerkhoff, Cuijk, Northern Brabant, Netherlands,
and Reinhard F. Hahn, Seattle, Washington, USA , July 2007

Hello! Hi! Hoi!
Welcome! Kom d’r in.
Good morning! Goeie mèrrege!
Good day! Goeiendag!
Good evening! Goeien aovend!
Good night! Goeie nâcht! Truste!
Good bye! Houdoe! ~ Tot kiêk war!
How are you? Hoe gùgget?
I’m well. And you? Mi mien gùgget goêd. En mit ow?
See you later! Tot kiêk war!
Thank you! Bedankt war!
Thank you for everything! ’k Dank oe vör alles!
You’re welcome. (Don’t mention it!) Gén dank! ~ Niks te danke (war)!
Excuse me ... [requesting attention] Di’k p’r ongeluk.
I beg your pardon. Sorry. [apologizing] Nim me nie kwellek.
What’s your name? Hoe schriêfde géj? ~ Hoe hiete géj?
My name is ... Ik hiet ...
Where are you from? Waor komde géj vandán?
I’m from ... Ik kom uut ...
This is ... ’t Is ...
I have ... ’k Héb ...
I am ... ’k Bin ... ~ ’k zie ...
He/ she is ... Héj is ... ~ z’is …
We are ... Wéj zien ...
They are ... Zullie zien ...
Pleased to make your acquaintance! Bléj dè’k oe zie!
I want to learn ... ’k Wil ... leëre.
I don’t understand. Wa? ’k Verstoi (begriep) ’t nie.
Not so fast! Rùstig/ kalm án!
I don’t speak ... ’k Praot nie …
Do you speak ...? Prótte géj …? ~ Zégde géj …?
Where can one hear people speak ... around here? Waor kunde hier minse heûre ... praote?
I’m lost. We’re lost. ’k Bin (zie) de wég kwiet. Wéj zien de wég kwiet.
Can you help me/ us? Kunde mien hèllepe? ~ Kund’ons hèllepe?
Where is ...? Waor is ...?
There is no ... here. Hier is gén ... ~ D’r is hiër gén ...
I am looking for a room /hotel/ pension/ restaurant/ pub. ’k Zuuk ’n kaomer/ ’n hotel/ ’n pesjon/ ’n résterânt/ ’n kefeej.
Do you have a vacant room? Hédde ’n lezjeerkaomer?
How many? Hoevel? ~ Hoe veûl?
How much? Hoevel? ~ Hoe veûl?
How much does it/ this/ that cost? Wa kôst dè? Wa vraogde daor vör?
Too much. Te veul!
That’s too expensive. Dè’s te duur.
That’s enough. Dè’s zat.
More! Meër!
I’ll take/ buy it. ’k Vat / koop ’t.
What is this? Wá’s dè (nou)?
What is this called? Hoe hiet di?
This one. Di hiër.
That one. Dè daor.
These ones. Deez’ hiër
Those ones. De die daor.
Do you take credit cards? Nimd’ ok kredietkaorten án?
Now. Nou.
Later. Látter.
Yes. Jao.
No. Neë.
Yes, please. Jao asteblief.
No, thanks. Neë, danke. ~ Neë, bedankt!
OK. All right. OK! ~ In orde! ~ Goêd!
All (of it). Alles (d’r van).
Nothing. None of it. Niks (d’r van). ~ Gaar niks.
I don’t want it. ’k Wil ’t nie hébbe. ~ Dè mot ik nie!
Take a seat! Vat ’ne stoêl. ~ Vat ’ne zit! ~ Gao zitte!
I am hungry/ thirsty/ exhausted/ sick. ’k Héb honger/ dôrst. ’k Bin (zie) kepot/ ziêk.
I like it. Dè meug ik wel. ~ Dè bevélt me!
I don’t like it. Dè bevélt me niks!
It’s delicious. Dè’s lekker. ~ Dè smékt (goêd)!
It’s beautiful. ’t Is moi.
It’s terrible. ’t Is bar en beus.
That’s (very) ... ’t Is (bar/ gruwelek/ èrg) …
Is there ...? Do you have any ...? Is ’r ...? ~ Hédde ...?
I don’t know. ’k Weët nie.
One moment, please. ’n Ogenblik asteblief. Hédde éfkes?
I’m not interested. Det interseert me nie (niks).
This is mine/ ours. Dè’s van mien/ ons.
Watch out! Be careful! Kiek uut! ~ Pas op! ~ Vörzichtig!
Leave me alone! Lomme mi rûst! ~ Lomme mar!
Go away! Mak dè ge wég komt! ~ Laozer op!
Stop that! Schei uut! ~ Hoû op! ~ Lót dè!
Let (me) go! Lomme los!
Stop! Halt! Hu! ~ Stop! ~ Halt!
Help! Hèlp!

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