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Publications in and about
The Scots Language


Precontemporary Scots

  • Aitken, A.J. (1977); “How to Pronounce Older Scots,” in Bards and Makars; Glasgow: Glasgow University Press. (An accompanying cassette may be available from Scotsoun, Tel ++44 41 339 4705.)

  • Aitken, A.J.; “Variety and Variation in Written Middle Scots,” in Edinburgh Studies in English and Scots.

  • Bannatyne, George, et al. (1770); Ancient Scottish Poems: Published from the manuscript of George Bannatyne, MDLXVIII; Edinburgh: A. Murray & J. Cochran.

  • Caldwell, S.J.G. (1974): The Pronoun in Early Scots; Helsinki: Société Néophilique.

  • Cuthbertson, John (1886); Complete Glossary to the Poetry and Prose of Robert Burns; With Upwards of Three Thousand Illustrations from English Authors; Putnam; ISBN 0-399-60670-X.

  • Mackay, James (1990); Burns A–Z: the complete word finder; J. Mackay Publ.; ISBN 0-906-44050-5.

  • Reeves, William Peters (1893); A Study in the Language of Scottish Prose before 1600; Baltimore (USA): J. Murphy.

  • Robinson, M. (1987); Concise Scots Dictionary: A Comprehensive One-Volume Dictionary of the Scots Language from the 12th Century to the Present Day; MacMillan; ISBN 0-685-11462-7.

  • Smith, G. (1902): Specimens of Middle Scots, Edinburgh: Blackwood

Contemporary Scots

Works about the Language

  • Aitken, A. J. (1987): The Nuttis Schell: Essays on the Scots Language; Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press; ISBN 0-080-34530-1.

  • Aitken, A. J. (1992): “Scots,” in The Oxford Companion to the English Language; Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press

  • Aberdeen University Scots Leid Quorum, eds. (1995-1996): Innin ti the Scots Leid; Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Scots Leid Quorum.

  • Brown, K. (1991): “Double Modals in Hawick Scots,” in Dialects of English: Studies in grammatical variation; London: Longman

  • Dieth, E. (1932): A Grammar of the Buchan Dialect, Vol. 1; Cambridge, U.K.

  • Douglas, Sylvester, and Charles Jones (1991); A Treatise on the Provincial Dialect of Scotland; ISBN 0-748-60300-X.

  • Eagle, A.: Wir Ain Leid: An Introduction to Modern Scots Idiom and Grammar; (publisher being sought) (fairly comprehensive, covering history, orthography, dialects, an exaustive grammar [including examples of usage], salutations, aspect of colloquial speech, tags, focusing devices, interjections, days, months and festivals, place names, personal names, idioms, proverbs, examples of written Scots from the 14th century till the present, recommendations for writers, Scots style sheet 1947, SLS 1985, SNDA and A Scots - English Dictionary [over 4000 entries]. See Wir Ain Leid.)

  • Fenton, James (1995): The Hamely Tongue; Newtonards: Ulster-Scots Academic Press.

  • Flaws, M. and Lamb, G. (1997); The Orkney Dictionary; Kirkwall, Scotland: The Orcadian Ltd.; ISBN 0 9529324 07.

  • Glauser, Beat (1974); The Scottish-English Linguistic Border: lexical aspects; Bern (Switzerland): Franke.

  • Graham, William (1977); The Scots Wordbook; Edinburgh: Ramsey Head Press.

  • Grant, W., and J. M. Dixon (1921): The Manual of Modern Scots; Cambridge, U.K.

  • Gray, Walter (1992); Parliamo Aberbrothock; The Herald Press, Arbroath: Scotland; ISBN 0 900454 09 1. (Arbroath dialect. A bit on the popular jokey side. Never the less, full of authentic idioms.)

  • Haugen, Einar, et al., eds. (1980); Edinburgh (UK): Edinburgh University Press; Minority Languages Today; ISBN 0-85224-642-0. (Contains an article about Scots.)

  • Henderson, A. (1881, 1962): Scottish Proverbs; Glasgow, 1881; Reprint Gale Research Co., Detroit 1962.

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  • McKay Costie, Christina (?); The collected Orkney dialect tales of C. M. Costie; Kirkwall Press; ISBN 0-950-06128-X.

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  • Niven, Liz, and Jackson, Robin (Eds.) (1998); The Scots Language: its place in education; Watergaw Publications.  ISBN 0-952-9978-51.

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  • Ramsay, A. (1972): The Works of Allan Ramsay, Vol. V.; Edinburgh and London: The Scottish Texts Society, Blackwood & Sons Ltd. (includes a collection of Scots proverbs)

  • Robertson, T.A., and J.J. Graham (1991): Grammar and Use of the Shetland Dialect; Lerwick: The Shetland Times Ltd.

  • Robinson, Philip (1997): Ulster-Scots: A grammar of the traditional written and
    spoken language; Belfast (Northern Ireland): Ulster-Scots Heritage Council (218 York Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT15 1GY; 01232 - 746939); 230 pp with one illustration and full color cover.

  • Sandred, Karl Inge (?); Good or bad Scots?: attitudes to optional lexical and grammatical usages in Edinburgh; Uppsala (Sweden): Almkvist & Wiksell; ISBN 9-155-41442-7.

  • Stevenson, James A.C., and Iseabail MacLeod (1989); Scoor-Oot: A Dictionary of Scots Words and Phrases in Current Use; Athlone Press; ISBN 0-485-11373-2.

  • Warrack, Alexander (1911, 1952); Chambers's Scots dictionary: Serving as a glossary for Ramsay, Fergusson, Burns, Scott, Gat, minor poets, kailyard novelists, and a host of other writers of the Scottish tongue; Edinburgh: Chambers.

  • Wilson, Sir J. (1915): Lowland Scots as Spoken in the Lower Strathearn District of Perthshire; Oxford, U.K.

  • Wilson, James (1923): The Dialect of Robert Burns; Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Wilson, James (1926): The Dialects of Central Scotland; Oxford, U.K.

  • Woelk, W. (1965): Phonetische Analyse der Sprache von Buchan; Heidelberg: Carl Winter Uni-Verlag

  • “A Bibliography of Writings on Modern Scots Since 1948,” in Studies in Scots and Gaelic; Edinburgh, 1994

  • The Scottish National Dictionary 1931–1976 (a mine of information)

Works Teaching the Language

  • Wilson, L. Colin (2002): The Luath Scots Language Learner, ISBN 0 946487 91 X, with CDs (ISBN 1 84282 026 5 CD RRP); Edinburgh: Luath Press.

Works in the Language

  • Gibbon, Lewis Grassic (J. Leslie Mitchell) (1946): A Scots Quair; London: Hutchison. (Uses English spelling, but the grammar and the idiom are purely Scots.)

  • Hubbard, T., ed. (1991): The New Makars; Edinburgh: Mercat Press.

  • Lorimer, William (1983): The New Testament in Scots; Edinburgh: Southside.

  • McCallum, Neil R., and David Purves, eds. (1995): Mak It New; Edinburgh: Mercat Press.

  • Niven, Liz, and Pete Fortune, eds. (1997); A Braw Brew; Watergaw: Newton Stewart & Dumfries; ISBN 0-952-9978-00; distributed by Scottish Book Source, Edinburgh. (An anthology of Scots short stories)

  • The Psalms in Scots; Reprint of Waddell's (1871) The Psalms: Frae Hebrew intil Scottis. Introduced by Graham Tulloch. Aberdeen, Scotland: Aberdeen University Press, 1987; ISBN 0 08 035075 5.

  • Robertson, James, ed. (1994): A Tongue in yer Heid; Edinburgh: B&W Publishing.

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