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Samples of creative works by members of Lowlands-L

“Gallery entrance”)Ever since Lowlands-L went online in the early part of 1995, and as subscribers got to know each other better, even forged off-list friendships, it has become abundantly clear that we have more than our normal share of creative people on this list. Actually, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. After all, pretty much all of us are interested in language and culture, many of us with interests beyond the boundaries of the “Lowlands.”

People who share an interest in language on an “academic” level (be this as professionals or as amateurs) tend to enjoy the language arts and to “play” with them themselves, or with the arts in general (comprising languages of images and sounds). Some pursue their creative outlets in private, others have published, exhibited or performed their works locally, and yet others are known for their works nationally or internationally. Some tend more toward academically descriptive approaches while others prefer more “artsy” approaches, and then there are those that are active in both areas.

This website is intended to give members of Lowlands-L an opportunity to exhibit samples of their works, preferably on the general theme “My Lowlands.”

“You’ve come to the right spot if you ever wondered what we “Lowlanders” are up to outside our day jobs, social lives and electronic huddles. So, please step inside and take a look!”)The only conditions are that all works be by members of the organization, that their creators agree to online publication and that all works be suitable for an international audience of as wide an age range as possible. (We prefer to stay away from clearly adults-only material.)

In order to be encouraging and supportive we have set no minimum skill level, and we refrain from ranking or passing value judgment. People’s works are expected to speak for themselves, and it is up to you, our visitor, to peruse and hopefully enjoy them without being swayed by summaries, analyses and other sorts of “pre-chewing” on our part.

“Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do.” (Donald Knuth)

If you wish to comment on any works or on the gallery in general, please send us an e-mail message and let us know whether or not we may publish it online if it is relevant, fair and non-abusive. Please feel free to use any language you prefer.

If you are a publisher, anthologist, agent, curator or researcher and are interested in any specific person or work, please send us an e-mail message, and we will assist you in any way we can.

Reinhard (“Ron”) F. Hahn
Co-Founder & Chief Editor, Lowlands-L

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