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· Amach a Tháinig Siad Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (Irish Gaelic)
· Aniar a fhéachann an Bhean Amach Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (Irish Gaelic)
· Anima – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· Antipreuken baoven de bossem – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· An ’t stille water van dromen – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· As sterren zo mooi (Cillie Nèvelhekse) – Arend Victorie (Drente Low Saxon)
· On Australian Serpents  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Autumn – Hannelore Hinz  – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Brionglóideanna de Bhaldraithe – Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (Irish Gaelic)
· Buskit an Boun – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· Doun Haudfast Brae – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· Dundee Chipper  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· An Epic Tale of Scots Fortitude   Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· An Epitaph for a Scottish Hard Man – Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Faithful Fido  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Funnelweb Spiders  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Haiku – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· Haiku – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Haiku – Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· Handdook – Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· Harwst – Hannelore Hinz ( Low Saxon)
· I Can Picture Her Now – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· In de Still – Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· In mien leste dagen – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· Jan – Arend Victorie (Drenthe Low Saxon)
· Give Me Just A Moment – Marsha Wilson (English)
· Little Old Lowlander Me – Marlou Lessing (Low Saxon)
· Lowlands on My Mind – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Mother Inguna’s Anguish – Arthur A. Jones (English)
· Naober in Black – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· New Mown – Marsha Wilson (English)
· No Parachute Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (English)
· Nog ien keer – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· Old Clonbroney Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (English)
· Omens – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· On Hearing Horses Wildly Whinnying Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (English)
· On the Amazing Escape of a Cambridge Scholar from a Wild  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· On the Cane Toad Menace  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· On the Nefarious Activities in Edinburgh of Burke and Hare  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· On the Recent Ghastly Murders in Whitechapel  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· On the Terrible Slaughter at the Little Bighorn  Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Onvoltooide tied – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· Our Lowlands – Hannelore Hinz – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Poems by the New McGonagall  – Thomas Mc Rae (English)
· Pullwicheln Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· Rondeau in F# Minor – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Senryu – Sandy Fleming (Scots)
· Shark Atack  Thomas Mc Rae (Scots)
· Sonett – Hannelore Hinz (Low Saxon)
· Song of the Lowlands  – Reinhard F. Hahn (English)
· Stappen in’n Sand – Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· Such Savage Thirst Wesley Parish
· Tanfana Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· Trilogy – Arthur A. Jones (English)
· Ultraschall-Wegenleed Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon)
· Uns’ Lowlands – Hannelore Hinz (Low Saxon)
· Unsere Lowlands – Hannelore Hinz (German)
· Zwarte weduwe – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)


· Alleen un duun in’n Maandschien Reinhard F. Hahn (Chinese > Low Saxon)
· Allein und betrunken im Mondschein Reinhard F. Hahn (Chinese > German)
· As Lovely as Stars (Cissy The Fog Witch) Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > English)
· Derart grausamer Durst Reinhard F. Hahn (English > German)
· Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon Reinhard F. Hahn (Chinese > English)
· Haiku 1 Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > Afrikaans, Dutch, English, German)
· Haiku 2 – Reinhard F. Hahn (Japanese > English, German, Low Saxon)
· ’t Hengaon van Deirdre van de smarten – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)
· I Can Picture Her Now – Reinhard F. Hahn (English > German)
· In de stilte Henk Wolf (Low Saxon > Dutch)
· In der Stille Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > German)
· In die stilte Elsie Zinsser (Low Saxon > Afrikaans)
· In the Still Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > English)
· Jan Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > English)
· Jan Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > German)
· Kinner vun’n Wind Reinhard F. Hahn (Afrikaans > Low Saxon)
· Lusatia, Beautiful Reinhard F. Hahn (Sorbian > English)
· Mein Ruheplatz – Reinhard F. Hahn (Yiddish > German)
· Neighbor in Black  Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon> English)
· Never a Hue (Ombra mai fù)   Reinhard F. Hahn (Italian > English)
· New MownReinhard F. Hahn Wilson (English > German)
· Niemals bracht’ die Erd’ (Ombra mai fù)   Reinhard F. Hahn (Italian > German)
· Out They Came Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (Irish Gaelic > English)
· Out West Looks the Lady Tomas O’ Carthaigh (Irish Gaelic > English)
· The Place of Mine – Reinhard F. Hahn (Yiddish > English)
· Pullwicheln Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > Afrikaans, Dutch, English, German)
· Schöner keen Klöör (Ombra mai fù)   Reinhard F. Hahn (Italian > Low Saxon)
· Sie kamen hervor Reinhard F. Hahn (Irish Gaelic > German)
· Solch brutaler durst Hannelore Hinz (English > German)
· So ’n gräsigen Dörst  – Reinhard F. Hahn (English > Low Saxon)
· Sonn unminschlichen döst Hannelore Hinz (English > Low Saxon)
· Stappen in’n Sand – Reinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > English)
· The Dreams of De Valera – Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (Irish Gaelic > English)
· ’t Moor Arend Victorie (Northern Low Saxon > Drente Low Saxon)
· Träume von De Valera – Reinhard F. Hahn (Irish Gaelic > German)
· Trinkndik, eyner aleyn unter der levone Reinhard F. Hahn (Chinese > Yiddish)
· Ultrasound-LullabyReinhard F. Hahn (Low Saxon > English)
· Vör Tüüg kemen se Reinhard F. Hahn (Irish Gaelic > Low Saxon)
· Westwärts schauende Dame – Reinhard F. Hahn (Irish Gaelic > German)
· Zo’n Anval van Dörst – Arend Victorie (Low Saxon)


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