Lowlands-L: Things They Left Us: Folk traditions of the Lowlands worldwide
Lowlands-L: Things They Left Us: Folk traditions of the Lowlands worldwide


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Detail of “The Grain Harvest (August)” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525–1569) [GNU Free Documentation License]

Works Wanted

Not only members of Lowlands-L but anyone may submit travel tips and descriptions for inclusion here. Those who do so are welcome to add a few words about themselves. By submitting material they give us permission to share them here.

Please feel free to write on any relevant subject. We are particularly keen on information that benefits people’s research or travelers’ visits, any little-known facts or items. Another type of contribution we welcome is personal memories or passed-down elders’ accounts.

Below are a few suggested categories of interest, although other relevant items would be just as welcome. All of these have implied “traditional” or “folk” in front of them.

  Belief, Taboo & Superstition
Geloof, taboe en bijgeloof  
      Glauben, Tabu und Aberglauben
  Myths, Legends & Other Tales
Mythen, legenden en andere verhalen
      Mythen, Legenden und andere Mären
    Customs & Rituals
Gebruiken en rituelen - Bräuche und Rituale
Vieringen - Feiern
  Seasons & Cycles
Tijden en cycli - Zeiten und Zyklen
Leefmilieu - Umwelt
  Trades, Professions & Livelihood
Ambachten, beroepen en levensonderhoud
      Gewerbe, Berufe und Lebensunterhalt
  Arts & Crafts
Kunst en handwerk - Kunst und Handwerk
  Food & Drink
Eten en drinken - Essen und Trinken
  Music, Song, Dance & Musical Instruments
Muziek, liederen, dansen en muziekinstrumenten
      Musik, Lieder, Tänze und Musikinstrumente
  Rhymes & Ditties
Rijmpjes en deuntjes - Reime und Spielliedchen
  Fun & Games
Pret en spel - Spaß und Spiel
  Sayings, Proverbs & Aphorisms
Spreekwoorden en spreuken
      Sprichwörter und Sinnsprüche

You are welcome to send us anything from a brief paragraph to a full-length article, in any language. Also invited are digitized photographs, drawings, painting, sheet music and sound recordings. Just please make sure there are no copyright issues. All authors remain the Our “Lowlands”: The Netherlands, Belgium, French Flanders, Northern Germany, the British Isles, former Hanseatic settlements, and all other places that have been influences by the above.copyright owners while permitting Lowlands-L to display their works here.

We will publish the names and places (but not addresses) of all contributors, but we will consider using pseudonyms (pen names) as long as we know the real names (which we will keep confidential).

We welcome works in any language. However, we would prefer to have at least a summary in English of each as well, and we are willing to help with that.

If you are interested, please drop us a line under the subject line “Traditions” at lowlands.list(a)gmail.com (replacing (a) with @). And please provide your name (or write “Anonymous”) and also your town and country.

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