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 Prose (in Zealandic):
· Kinderjaeren (Childhood) 
· Oorlogsjaeren (War
· Dienke over dieken
  (Deliberating Dikes)
· Sturmvloed 1953 en
  daenae (The 1953 Storm
  Tide and its Aftermath )

Jakob Liek

Flushing (Vlissingen), Zealand, Netherlands

[English] [Nederlands] [Zeêuws]   

Jakob (these days known as Jaap) Liek was born in 1929 in Zonnemaire, a village on Schouwen-Duiveland, the northern island of Zealand (a southwestern province of the Netherlands).

His father was one of two carpenters in the village. Later on Jaap bicycled daily 10 km to Zierikzee, the most important (medieval) town on the island, to visit the secondary school (HBS, high school). In February 1944, the German occupation forces ordered that the island be flooded. Map of Zeelandic and West FlemishThe family had to leave the island and landed (by fishing-boat) as refugees in Yerseke, a place on the Eastern Scheldt river, famous for its mussels, oysters and lobsters. As was typical in the Netherlands, Jaap did not like the Germans at that time. Therefore he was very happy when in October 1944 the village was liberated by Canadians.

In 1948 Jaap finished high school and had to leave Zealand for further education at a technical college (MTS) in Dordrecht. There he got his certificate in 1952. His first job was at the Rijkswaterstaat (a part of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Civil Works) in Zierikzee.

The view from the Liek Family’s apartment on the Boulevard in
Flushing (Vlissingen) on October 22, 2007 (Photo ©2007, J. Liek)

Half a year later, February 1, 1953, nearly the entire island was flooded by a strong northwesterly gale in combination with high tide. Until September 1952, Jaap was very busy in his part in repairing broken dykes. Afterwards he left his island again for further study at Delft Technical University. In 1958 he got his civil engineering diploma. In the meantime he got married and became the father of the first of four sons. The family moved to Emmeloord where Jaap started a new job as an engineer at the Hydraulics Laboratory at the Northeast Polder (Noord-Oostpolder), a former part of the Zuyderzee that had been reclaimed during the war. After two years he found a job in his beloved Zealand. For the rest of his career he held several jobs, all of them involving water and dykes. After his retirement he started with software engineering. He programmed in C and a few years ago he learned HTML to develop websites using Linux.

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