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About the story
What’s with this “Wren” thing?
   The oldest extant version of the fable we are presenting here appeared in 1913 in the first volume of a two-volume anthology of Low Saxon folktales (Plattdeutsche Volksmärchen “Low German Folktales”) collected by Wilhelm Wisser (1843–1935). Read more ...



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Translator: Brian Stowell

Location: Doolish/Douglas (Mannin/Isle of Mann)

Facilitator: Mike Szelog

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Y Drean

Va edd y drean ayns corneil y toalt. Keayrt dy row, detlee yn voir as yn ayr magh—v’ad laccal geddyn red ennagh dy ee da ny h-ein oc, as daag ad nyn lomarcan ad.

Lurg tammylt, haink Jishag Drean erash gys yn edd.

“Cre haghyr ayns shoh?” vrie eh. “Quoi ren skielley diu, phaitchyn? Ta shiu jeeaghyn dy daink aggle vooar erriu ooilley!”

“Oh, Yishag,” dooyrt ad, “haink sorch dy vuggane gloutagh shaghey minnid ny ghaa er dy henney. V’eh slane atchimagh! Ren eh blakey stiagh syn edd ain lesh sooillyn mooar ass towse, as hug eh aggle orrin kiart dy liooar!”

“She, ta mee fakin,” as Jishag Drean, “c’raad hie eh?”

Wahll,” dooyrt ad, “hie eh dys shen—sheese dys shen ayns ny keylljyn.”

“Fuirree-shiu ayns shoh!” dooyrt Jishag Drean. “Ta mee goll geiyrt er. Ny jean-shiu boirey nish, phaitchyn, bee eh goit aym.”

As shen grait echey, ghow eh toshiaght d’etlagh veih’n edd echey.

Myr shen, detlee eh ny sodjey stiagh ayns ny keylljyn, eisht mygeayrt lhoob, as lurg tammylt haink eh dys lion.

Agh cha ghow yn drean aggle erbee. Hoie eh er dreeym y lion as ghow eh toshiaght troiddey rish.

“Cre’n oyr haink oo dys y thie aym,” as eshyn, “as cre’n oyr hug oo aggle er my phaitchyn myr shen?”
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Cha dug y lion tastey erbee da’n ushag as v’eh foast shooyl er oi.

Cha ren shen agh cur er drean yn ard-choraa dy ve ny smoo corree foastagh, as ghow eh toshiaght dy hroiddey rish y lion ny smoo jeean na roish shen. “Nish, eaisht rhym—cha lhisagh oo er gholl dys shen er chor erbee! As my s’lhoys dhyt cheet erash,” dooyrt eh, “wahll, hee uss eisht—cha nel mee geearree jannoo eh.” As ghow eh toshiaght dy hroggal nane jeh ny lurgaghyn echey. “Brishym y dreeym ayd lesh my lurgey ayns grig!”

Lurg da v’er ghra shen, detlee eh jeeragh erash dys yn edd echey.

“Shen eh, phaitchyn,” as eshyn. “Dynsee mee lessoon mie da’n lion agglagh shen. Cha bee eh daaney dy liooar dy bragh dy heet erash dys shoh.”

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